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The 2019 Prav(n)a rešitev competition

Our office is aware that the legal profession requires highly trained professionals and every seasoned professional was once a law student. We take care of professional post-graduation training and we look for young, motivated staff via various channels. This led us to once again participate in the now traditional Prav(n)a rešitev Competition organized by the Geneva Club of the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, where teams of students from all Slovenian law faculties face off in solving practical challenges in the field of commercial law with the aim of winning an internship at one of the participating law firms.

The case we designed was complex, with intersecting elements of classic civil, contract and competition law and to top it all off the case also contained a few procedural hurdles. Despite the case’s level of difficulty, every single one of the student teams competing at our office exhibited an impressive amount of knowledge, making the decision on a winner a challenging task. After both the written and oral parts of the test, the Simetra team, consisting of contestants Ana Roš, Simon Jančar and Meta Močnik, came out on top. As a reward, each of the winning team members will spend one month gaining practical experience and an insight into everyday of an attorney during their internship at Jadek & Pensa Law Firm.

Congratulations to all the teams participating in the competition and we look forward to working with the winning team. It is safe to say that the future of the legal profession is bright.