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EMI – Enterprise Management Incentives

On the occasion of its 50th year of operation, Law Office Jadek & Pensa organises a conference on EMI - Enterprise Management Incentives.

In spite of technological developments, it appears that in the face of global competition, the growth in demand for top managers in recent years has been higher than ever before. Apparently, high salary and a nice executive car no longer represent sufficient incentives to ensure the loyalty of leading managers and good business results. More recently, however, the current crisis of the financial system, as well as of the economy in general, has called into question the credibility of increasingly generous management incentives. It is more than likely that this crisis will lead to a reshaping of management incentives and of the legal environment in which they are granted.

Isn’t it now, therefore, an appropriate time to reconsider management incentive practices and to analyse the applicable legal systems and corporate governance?

12.00 – 13.30 Introduction
Practical and legal aspects of the goals, forms and methods of enterprise management incentives in Slovenia, USA, EU member states, especially in western and central Europe. Supervision and negotiations with the management.
Chaired by Srečo Jadek, Jadek & Pensa, senior partner
Borut Jamnik, Chairman of the Slovenian Association of the Supervisory Board members
Olli V. Virtanen, European Confederation of Directors’ Association (ecoDa), Member of the Board
Sami Toutounji, Shearman & Sterling Paris, Partner
Jason Mogg, Linklaters Prague (as from 1 November 2008 – Kinstellar), Partner

13.30 – 14.45 Legal and Tax Environment for Enterprise Management Incentives in Slovenia and certain countries in the region of ex Yugoslavia
Chaired by Boštjan Špec, Jadek & Pensa, partner
Boštjan Špec, Jadek & Pensa, Partner
Jasna Car Kranjc, Jadek & Pensa, Partner
Boris Andrejaš, Babić & Partners, Zagreb
Jelena Edelman, Prica & Partners, Belgrade
Sonja Zlatanovska, Čukić & Markov, Skopje
Bistra Bogojevska, Čukić & Markov, Skopje

14.45 – 15.30 Refreshment Break

15.30 – 16.45 Enterprise Management Incentives in Practice – Round Table
The round table will be chaired by Srečo Jadek and Pavle Pensa, Jadek & Pensa, senior partners
Marko Dražumerič, Lek d.d. (group Sandoz, Novartis), Head Trasury
Matjaž Gantar, KD, Finančna družba, d.d., Chairman of the Management Board
Branko Pavlin, Dnevnik d.d., Chairman of the Management Board
Vesna Stankovič, Hermes SoftLab d.d., Corporate Legal Adviser
Stanislav Valant, NFD d.o.o., Chairman of the Management Board
Brian Wardrop, Arx Equity Partners (private equity investment firm), Managing Partner

The Conference will be held on Wednesday, the 19th of November 2008, starting at 12.00 in Bela dvorana (White Hall) of the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana. It is intended for the clients of Jadek & Pensa and guests.

Further information: lojzka.zerovnik@jadek-pensa.si