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“Opportunities and challenges” round table

Aljaž Jadek spoke at the round table entitled “Opportunities and challenges” brought to Slovenia by the blockchain technology, which took place on Friday, 30/06/2017 at the event “Blockchain Technologies and what they bring”, organised by the Ministry of Public Administration in cooperation with ABC Accelerator. The following speakers also attended the event: Domen Božeglav; the Ministry of Public Administration, Primož Damjanovič; Securities Market Agency, Miha Resman; Executive Director at Gorenjska Banka and Zeneli Batagej, team strategy at cofound.it.

The purpose of organising the event and the round table was to present the blockchain concept, its concrete solutions and the plan of the Government of the RS regarding the implementation of this technology in Slovenia to the addressees from the public sector, i.e. the employees of the market regulators, the employees at the ministries and the bodies within the ministries, public agencies and public companies.

The most renowned Slovenian experts in this field attended the event as speakers and active participants. Software developers, lawyers, advisers. They were joined by the representatives of the public sector and the experts from abroad, who also presented the concrete blockchain solutions.