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Jadek & Pensa Law Firm to establish “J&P NewTech” team

At Jadek & Pensa Law Firm, we strongly believe in digitalisation and modern technologies. We have introduced several digital solutions into our work process and have ascertained based on our own experience the positive effects of globalisation. This recognition makes us optimistic about the digitalisation of work processes and implementation of modern technologies more widely in the economy.

For several years, experts from different legal fields have been assisting our clients in compliant operation in relation to the application of digital tools and modern technologies, whereby we have gained valuable experience. The need for comprehensive legal advice in the implementation of new technologies has only increased recently.

For this reason, we have decided to elevate our efforts made to a higher level by establishing a special team called “J&P NewTech”, which will combine the best legal experts from different fields, who with a detailed knowledge of technologies will be able to offer comprehensive legal solutions.

J&P NewTech team is expected to follow closely the development of new technologies and to analyse professionally and comprehensively the legal questions that are paramount to the future development and implementation of new technologies. The key areas, which J&P NewTech will follow intensively, include blockchain technology, financial technology (fintech), artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, internet of things (IoT), drones, 3D printing, big data, smart cities, robotics…

The members of J&P NewTech team will strive to share in different ways our knowledge and experience gained with market operators. Topical subjects from this field will be discussed in articles, at lectures, round tables, within state and independent initiatives, organisation of workshops and other activities. With such actions, we will help our clients and the Slovenian market to overcome the legal barriers towards the full digitalisation and implementation of new technologies.

J&P NewTech team will consist of the following legal experts: Srečo Jadek, mag. Mitja Podpečan, Aljaž Jadek, Domen Romih, Gregor Golob, Aljaž Cankar and Žiga Urankar, accompanied by other legal experts from our office with necessary specialist skills.

We believe that only through cooperation, integration and teamwork we can achieve good progress in thinking, knowledge and search for adequate legal solutions. Our aim is to make J&P NewTech team able to devise modern legal solutions at any time.