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Jadek & Pensa Law Office celebrates its 60th anniversary year and provides a glance into the future

In Ljubljana, together with our business partners and co-workers we solemnly celebrated the 60th anniversary of our successful operation in Slovenia and across its borders. We recalled the moments from the rich history of our operation, and in addition to celebrating the past achievements we mainly took a look into the future.

At the event, which received an excellent response, we confirmed our commitment to superior legal services, social responsibility and concern for professional development and personal growth of younger colleagues as well as strategic orientation towards new technologies. Due to their immense potential, the latter have a significant impact on the changes of business models, which bring with them a whole new set of legal challenges.

At Jadek & Pensa Law Office, we give high priority to our strong determination to keep pace with industrial revolution 4.0, both in resolving clients’ needs and in developing our operation. We are one of the few law offices in Slovenia which directs its strengths based on rich tradition also towards legal solutions in applying and developing modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things. The participants in the event were given an opportunity to get a glimpse of the tools of artificial intelligence, which we use in the course of our operation, with the aim of additionally improving the quality and efficiency of our services.

In the margins of the celebration, Pavle Pensa, Senior and Managing Partner, added: “Fast technological progress, development of science and easy access to information influence significantly also the role of attorneyship. Professor Richard Susskind talks about the change of legal paradigm – instead of solving legal problems, the management of legal risks is coming to the fore, and instead of resolving disputes the prevention of disputes. If attorneyship was characterised by its reactivity, it is now becoming increasingly proactive, while solutions are pragmatic. We follow the trends mentioned as well, which gives us confidence and trust that our 60th anniversary is to be followed by many years of success.”

In the pictures below, you can see some of the highlights from the event.