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Implementation of the Agreement between Slovenia and Serbia on Employment of Serbian Citizens in Slovenia to start September 1, 2019

The Agreement was signed by the two countries in 2018 and ratified by the National Assembly at the end of May 2019.

The Agreement envisages the same regime of employment of Serbian workers in Slovenia, as has been implemented from 2013 onwards between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia under a bilateral agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina. This primarily means less burdensome and faster procedures for hiring foreign workers for Slovenian employers as is otherwise the case with hiring foreigners. At the same time, the new regime is expected to strengthen the legal certainty of migrant workers, who are in the Western Balkans often victims of abuse by various agents offering employment in Slovenia.

The Employment Service of Slovenia is also planning to hold in September a series of consultations with employers on the latest developments in the employment of foreign workers in Slovenia with a focus on the implementation of the Agreement on Employment of Serbian Nationals.

More information available at: https://www.ess.gov.si/obvestila/obvestilo/sporazum-o-zaposlovanju-drzavljanov-srbije-se-pricne-izvajat