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We are pleased to announce that on 1 January 2022 our colleague Janja Zaplotnik was promoted to the position of equity partner in the Jadek & Pensa Law Office, while Daniela Sindičič and Aljaž Jadek were promoted to the position of managing associate.

Janja Zaplotnik is an established attorney, particularly in the field of competition law, state aid and business compliance with competition rules and representation in proceedings before competition authorities and courts, and in the competition law aspects of mergers and acquisitions. She obtained her LL.M. from King’s College London in 2012. She started her career in law in 2012 when she joined Jadek & Pensa as an associate.

Daniela Sindičič is a lawyer in the Dispute Prevention and Resolution Unit. Daniela has gained many years of experience and references in the field of commercial dispute resolution in almost all areas through her career in the commercial division of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ljubljana High Court. She has built on that experience during her many years of practice as an attorney-at-law. At Jadek & Pensa, Daniela focuses on dispute resolution in the areas of construction, real estate and corporate disputes. Daniela always strives to find constructive solutions for her clients, among which she also has a successful negotiation practice.

Aljaž Jadek is an attorney at Jadek & Pensa, specialising in the future-focused areas of IT, crypto and blockchain, and advises on other areas such as corporate law, liquidations, real estate, prevention of money laundering etc. In particular, Aljaž helps clients to use IT solutions in a legally correct manner, participates as a speaker at cryptocurrency and blockchain events, and is a recognised expert in the representation of founders and investors in the crypto world. He is a member of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and AmCham Blockchain Slovenia. He started his legal career in 2010 at Jadek & Pensa.