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We see energy as one of the areas that will mark deeply the development of humanity in the future, therefore our firm gives a special role to energy law. Due to technological progress, constant political change and change of energy policies as well as traditional above-average number of legislative changes, both at EU and at national level, this is nowadays considered one of the most dynamic economic sectors. We are aware that all this is continuously exposing the companies that are active in this sector to new legal challenges.

In the area of energy law we advise clients in relation to diverse legal issues dealing with regulatory aspects of carrying out individual energy activities, contractual relationships in energy, production, supply and trade with energy products, access to network etc. We also provide legal support to our clients in planning and implementing infrastructure energy projects.

Becoming a member of Associated European Energy Consultants(AEEC, in 2010, an international association of recognised legal and other experts in the field of energy, enabled our clients, which are active abroad, an easy access to top legal support also in other European countries.

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