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Free seminar: How to better manage family businesses

The first in a series of training seminars on various topics related to the management and governance of family businesses, which we are organising in cooperation with the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, will take place on 20 October 2022.

The introductory seminar will focus on the relationships between family members – both their property relationships (including the tax aspects of managing these relationships) and their interpersonal relationships in their roles in the company and in the family.

In addition to our colleagues, attorney Daniela Sindičič and tax consultant Domen Romih, the lecture will be given by Dr Aleksander Zadel, PhD in psychology and specialist in clinical psychology.

This seminar is free of charge and can be attended both in person and online.


REGISTRATION is open until 17 October 2022.


As family businesses are an important factor in economic development, it is important that they are stable, transparent and secure, and that they have access to sources of finance to innovate, develop and grow their business. This series of contributions aims to support family businesses in regulating their operations and harnessing the potential of the capital and labour markets.

In cooperation with Uradni list RS, we are organising expert contributions, lectures and workshops on topical issues related to the management and governance of family businesses, including complex and less complex legal issues related to the financing of family businesses, the regulation of family relationships, tax aspects, the regulation of relationships with employees and investors, and corporate governance.

Some of the topics will also be of interest to other business entities, as all business entities in Slovenia, regardless of their legal organisation and shareholder structure, are confronted with them. The current business and regulatory environment offers many opportunities and challenges both in legal and other areas relevant to the operation of economic entities.