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Change in management

As from 1 January 2021 Aleksandra Jemc Merc has been appointed to the position of Managing Partner in Jadek & Pensa, succeeding Jure Levovnik. She manages the firm together with its founders, Srečo Jadek and Pavle Pensa.

Jure Levovnik has successfully completed his first 4 year term as a Managing Partner at Jadek & Pensa. Jure will now focus more on his role as head of Dispute prevention and resolution, a position he has successfully held for 7 years. Jure will also continue to concentrate on client advisory and representation in complex business disputes, and his efforts in the fields of energy and green future, as well as electronic communications.

Aleksandra Jemc Merc is the third longest serving partner at Jadek & Pensa, second only to the two senior partners/founders in tenure. Throughout her impressive career she has been focusing on IP law and IP related disputes, in particular in the pharmaceutical industry, on foreign investment, and corporate matters. She has in addition headed the Advisory department at Jadek & Pensa, leading a group of top experts in the most intellectually challenging fields of law at Jadek & Pensa. She has assumed the position of MD as at 1/1/2021, for the period of 4 years.